sidebar image is 200px by 200px (icon size!)
opaque header
very cute, simple theme!

i changed my url sorry

i’m here now

theme information

  • Add up to: 8 pictures each is 150x150px
  • Add up to: 6 links excluding home, ask, and archive.
  • Option to have a second title
  • Option to have infinite scrolling
  • Option to hide/show comments
  • Reblog button and tags displayed under posts
  • All colors are customizable
  • Upon the request, this theme is available for download for everyone.
  • This is important: you do not have to add 8 pictures, nor do you have to have 6 links, any pictures and links you do not have will make the theme look normal as the theme is very flexible, you will notice that when installing it.
  • To get the same colors as the preview, in the edit theme mode, scroll to the bottom where you can add the six links, there will be some writing that you can click and it says “reset defaults” click that and you will get the same colors as the preview.


yes officer im currently under the influence. under the influence of the lord